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  • 強力粘鼠板(簡)

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  • 趙師傅殺蟑餌劑

  • 趙師傅殺蠅餌劑

  • 蟑螂屋

  • 趙師傅殺蟻餌劑

  • 強力粘鼠板(黃)

About us

Yantai Sanli Insecticidal Cleaning Co., Ltd. is a harmful organism that must be prevented and controlled. Long-term control is conducive to your health and career development. Like anything else, prevention and control of harmful organisms has advantages and disadvantages. If it is not properly controlled in the process of prevention and control, there will be harmful factors. Therefore, more importantly, management. After more than ten years of development, Yantai Sanli not only has a course of investigation and infringement. Degree-to-design of the best effective, environmentally safe and cost-saving destructive scheme-to sign mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial destructive agreement-to facilitate customer-friendly, efficient and environmentally safe continuous construction-to third-party certification of quality supervision and a series of after-sales services-sound management system, advanced equipment and technology, high-specification drug resistance test base, from eight primary level Four intermediate four senior national pest control officers and one national five-level disinfector……


▲Provide pest control, disinfection consultation and door-to-door service to hotels, hospitals, catering, ships, ports, trains, airplanes, airports, warehouses, food processing, shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprises, kindergartens, nursing homes, communities and homes.

▲Main control species: cockroaches, ants (termites), mice, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, mites, lice, bedbugs and other pests; wood borers, green pests, pet pests; various space and object surface disinfection services; decoration wood structure pest control; food pest control; sanitation and cleaning services, central air conditioning cleaning, large-scale disinfection deodorization and dust comprehensive spraying, etc.


▲Strict management system, since 2004, all business and service project management strictly in accordance with the international quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Environmental management system ISO14000:2004. Occupational health and safety management system GB/T28001-2001 and other system standards;
Improve the training system, establish and improve the continuous training plan, adhere to at least one centralized training every month, and adhere to the new staff assessment and induction system. Engineering managers have participated in three national-level training successively. Five have the title of national pest control officer, and eight have obtained the primary qualification certificate of national pest control officer.

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